MX5 Rules & Regulations

Published Regulations

Link to Regulations [2021 Regulations still to be Approved]

For every championship, we publish rules, or “regulations”, that are approved by Motorsport UK, these are in addition to the Motorsport UK Year Book (aka “Blue Book”).

The general ethos of the championship is that it should be possible to compete with a relatively standard car, with upgraded suspension, and do well without spending too much money.  The formula works well and produces a close competition where no single model of car is faster, over all events, than any other.  

We take pride in how the championship has brought competitors together to have fun and how we’ve been able to operate the championship with very few protests to the legality of cars over the years. We hope this continues and request that all entrants to future events continue to operate with this respect for the rules.      

All Models

  • Cars must use tyres from List 1A
  • Forced induction is not permitted
  • The standard intake manifold, plenum and throttle body must be retained and the standard ECU must be used without a “piggy-back” ECU, whether electronic or mechanical
  • Dampers must not have separate adjustment for high and low speed damping
  • An MX5 gearbox with standard internals must be used and only standard Mazda MX5 differentials from the appropriate model may be used
  • A hard top or soft top must remain fitted, but cars can compete open or closed
  • Motorsport UK approved; rollbars/cages, competition seats and harnesses may be fitted to any car
  • Cars must run in a road legal condition

Model Specific Rules

  • MX5 mk1 & mk2
    • Cars may run any brakes from the standard mk1/mk2 range
    • Final drive must be Mazda MX5 [note: previous reference to Kia Sportage Differentials has been removed to keep down costs]
  • MX5 mk3
    Cars must remain standard other than wheels, brake friction material, safety items listed above and dampers, which may be height adjustable. Triple-adjustable coilovers are not permitted 

For the avoidance of doubt, standard is as defined in Section B of the yearbook.